(C. 2112–2004 B.C.)
   Ad ynasty founded by Ur-Nammu, who expelled the Gutiankingsand united the country in a single state that reached from the Persian Gulf to the region of Sippar. Ur-Nammu’s son Shulgi (reigned 2094–2047 B.C.) expanded the influence of Ur to include western Iran (the Susiana and Anshan), and his grandson Amar-Suenannexed Assyria.Shulgi also implemented strong centralization in terms of administration and taxation and standardized weights and measures across his whole domain. The workings of the Ur bureaucracy are well known due to many thousands of tablets that survive from this era. The Ur empire was threatened by the intensified influx of Amorite tribes, and Shu-Sin, the successor and brother of Amar-Suen, built a huge wall in an attempt to stave them off. The Ur state disintegrated during the reign of Ibbi-Sin; his governor Ishbi-Erra, in stalled at Isin, declared independence from Ur, and in 2007 B.C., the Elamites destroyed the capital and deported the king.

Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia. . 2012.

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